Polymyalgia Rheumatica Treatment and Diet

This article will outline an effective natural polymyalgia rheumatica treatment plan.

A lot of the research regarding polymyalgia rheumatica has determined two causative factors: our inherited genetics and environmental factors.

When we look at polymyalgia rheumatica treatment or therapy options it’s important to understand the causative factors.

Although it may seem like stating the obvious, we have no control over our inherited  genetic factors, so our treatment options will leave us to focus on our environmental circumstances. The good news is we can control our environmental influences to our advantage.

When the scientists and researchers refer to “environmental factors”, they are not referring to greenhouse gases or global warming . They are referring to the immediate external environment that we surround ourselves with or interact with closely on a day to day basis. There is a lot of research, not just in the area of polymialgia but areas of neuro-science and health and longevity are pointing to these key environmental factors as being vital for our health. And it is true if you think about it, if we can’t control our inherited genetics, then the biggest influence we can have on our bodies, minds and health is the influence of our environment.

It’s well implicated in research and from anecdotal evidence that a large majority of people who have developed chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia or polymialgia will recount a stressful period or traumatic event  leading up to the onset of symptoms. This is a good example of the influence of our environmental factors on the triggering or expression of a disease. Stressful events are part of your external environment. At times we may not have an influence on those external events or how they unfold, but we  have total control over how we deal with, react or respond to those stressful events. And this is what we will focus on.

Decreasing or lowering your stress levels and calming the mind and body should be your number one priority during your recovery from polymyalgia rheumatica. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Although specific foods and a special polymyalgia rheumatica diet does play a role in recovery what I’m talking about next is a bit different – Start what I call a strict media diet or fast. Think of the media inputs that you expose yourself to and go on a media diet of sorts. If you stop and think about what is actually shown and reported on the media and news everyday, it’s very toxic. Quite often it’s sensationalized  over dramatic  journalism with a heavy angle of fear injected into it. A large majority are negative stories, tragic events, wars, killings and the like. Do you think if you read 30 minutes of negative information everyday and watched 30 minutes of negative information every night, could this in any way have a positive benefit on your health? Most certainly not.

Get in control of your external environment and chose to only let your mind and thoughts be exposed to positive and up lifting information as you go through this healing process. Many people fear that they will get out of touch with the world or they won’t know what’s going on in the world if they don’t read the news paper or watch the news. Have no fear the world will be fine without you knowing and worrying about every little detail, let someone else worry about that. And a friend or neighbor will always keep you up to date if something really dramatic or important did happen.

One of the key factors in a polymyalgia rheumatica treatment program is the reduction of stress. Both emotional and mental pressure can contribute to a physical manifestations of symptoms. Work invested in calming the mind can definitely have a beneficial and calming carry over effect on the body, this can be especially important during this time of pain and inflammation. When the mind is anxious, stressed and worked up it can promote an pro-inflammatory or over-reactive state in the body.

Addressing stress or anxiety that you may experience on a day to day basis is important for you polymyalgia. When you find yourself becoming stressed, what you should do is take a moment to notice what is happening to your body. Where are your muscles tensing up? What has happened to your posture? Have you started holding your breath? Are your shoulders tensed? Just this simple act of awareness to those stressed areas can often be enough for you to let the area relax and the tension disappear. This can be a very powerful body mind approach, which takes into account the duality of this  relationship. While the mind definitely has an influence over our bodies, do not forget our bodies posture and tension is also sending signals to the mind. When your body is relaxed and calm, your mind is automatically picking up those signals and it will take a cue from the body and obey orders of calmness.

Although it may sound strange singing can be a good way to release any pent up emotional tension. It can be a good activity of choice for the polymyalgia sufferer due to their physical limitations. And you don’t need to sing in tune to reap the benefits – so no excuses! Singing can help the body relax as it increases circulation and can trigger the release of endorphins. If singing straight away is a little confronting, you can start by humming a tune and progress to singing. It can be any type of music you like.

A Strange  Polymyalgia Rheumatica Treatment

Here’s an odd but highly effective polymyalgia treatment based on the age-old saying of “laughter is the best medicine.” Smiling  and laughter can be an absolute savior when your in a highly stressful state. It can help to calm and relieve mental tension, distract a very busy mind, provide you with a different perspective on life and hep restore calm to the body. When we are laughing there are a lot of beneficial events happening in the body on the physical level. Hundreds of health benefiting hormones and chemicals are released and travel their way all around the mind and body. The benefits of laughter really does cross the boundaries into the physical and psychological realms. Put aside some laugh time everyday in your daily schedule, this could be through a daily television show you watch. Find a comedy television series you enjoy or a recommendation of funny movies and rent the DVDs from a store and watch them daily. You will be surprised what a difference some regular laughter and smiling can make to your health.

What About A Polymyalgia Rheumatica Diet?

An important factor to incorporate are some easy dietary modifications that can be made as part of your polymyalgia rheumatica diet. You should aim to eliminate or reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption. Taken in large amounts caffeine can cause anxiety, irritability and restlessness. Caffeine is commonly found in coffee, some teas and some energy soft drinks. Trade your coffee for a herbal tea. There is large body of research to promote the benefits of green tea in boosting the body and brain with anti-oxidants, just be sure to check your green tea label because some green teas can contain caffeine. Elimination of alcohol during your polymyalgia rhuematica treatment period will be beneficial. Although there is some debate about the health implications of a regular and moderate intake of alcohol, in this case I feel you could sacrifice any health benefits for the sake of giving your liver a rest and also your brain from any toxic side effects.

Exercise As Part of Your Polymyalgia Treatment

Begin some form of gently exercise. Exercise is a great stress release, good for the cardiovascular system  and also very important to keep up with during your polymialgia treatment – even though it may be difficult due to pain. What is the best form of exercise? Walking! Which is lucky because any other form of exercise may be too difficult at this stage of your recovery because of painful or sore muscles. There is no excuses for not walking, weather permitting that is – it doesn’t require any fancy or special equipment besides a good pair of shoes, costs no money and can be done during most daylight hours and the early evening. Start off with whatever you can do and slowly increase it aiming for 30-40 minutes a day.

I highly recommend you start some practice of meditation. Your ability to calm your mind is one of the best gifts you can give yourself . The mind is constantly busy, always chatting away, talking and thinking about a million different things. Meditation will allow the mind to rest and calm. Developing a calm and peaceful mind during periods when the body is in a disease state is often really important because during this time period it is normal that our anxiety levels are raised because of the pain we are feeling in our body. Meditation will seem very hard at first, but remember everything that is worth learning is hard at first, stick with it and it will get easier.  For beginners I strongly recommend a good guided audio CD.

So now is the time to start being in control of your external environment and get your health back on track.

This article on polymyalgia rheumatica treatment outlines some simple tips that you can easily work into your daily schedule. This can serve as the starting point as you work through healing your body of polymyalgia, where you begin to focus on addressing the mental aspects of the disease process and start to calm and quiet your mind and re-establish a sense of clarity and inner peace. A calmer, happier and stiller mind can only be of benefit to the physical body. The tips about the polymyalgia rheumatica diet are just a very brief starting point. As with any autoimmune disease, diet can play a large role and is a great starting point when looking for natural alternatives.

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